for Kent State University Chapter

Established 2021

Chapter Eternal List

The following Zeta Lambda brothers have crossed over into Chapter Eternal.
We encourage you to consider a gift in Memoriam of any of these brothers.

If you believe there is an error in our list or if you find we are missing a brother, please contact us

Brother’s Name
Graduation Year
Jon H. Adams1963
John A. Baal1972
James H. Baehr1972
Steven P. Barton1997
Peter S. Bennett1978
Peter L. Bryant1981
Paul E. Canfield1977
William J. Casey1969
Thomas E. Coontz1967
Lowery L. Cowperthwaite1939
Keith A. Dixon1991
Michael A. Donovan1977
Jerry D. Drury1969
Mark L. Eagle1981
Kent A. Edwards1973
Craig A. Formanek1988
Joseph P. Frantz1980
Leslie J. Fulop1966
Gerald J. Gabler1968
Richard M. Hall1967
G. Scott Henninger1967
John D. Henricks1978
Douglas T. Holmes1970
Thomas A. Howard1966
Douglas A. Huey1968
Raymond J. Jablonski1964
William W. Jaso1980
James R. Johnson1967
Robert B. Johnston1976
Brian M. Kegarise1992
Michael J. Kelly1967
Jeffery A. Knox1979
Terrance A. Kramer1966
Kyan W. Kraus1974
Glen P. Kreisher1969
Ronald W. Madison1969
Michael  McLean1988
Wade M. Mertz1963
M. J. Morrison1938
John R. Murphy1966
John E. Neville1971
Richard George O’Brien1964
Richard W. Pfleiderer1970
Lee L. Pimm1973
Mark P. Prajsner1972
Edward L. Radel1970
Don R. Roberson1967
Thomas K. Ryan1969
James L. Sherlock1967
Douglas U. Smith1968
Tom G. Stewart1988
Frank B. Sydansk1967
Michael H. Tindal1978
George R. Toth1965
Henry O. Townsend1968
Charles R. Trough1969
Timothy A. Vandersommen1978
Charles R. Walker1981
Todd E. Warner1991
David M. Watkins1973
Michael G. Weidner1973
William E. Weidner1949
Joseph A. Wheeler1976
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