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Established 2021



The Zeta Lambda Foundation is a charitable and educational 501(c)(10) organization, whose express purpose is to secure financial resources and housing support of the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi. The Board of Directors of the Foundation are responsible for solicitation, investment and disbursement of foundation funds for the support of our undergraduate chapter and our housing corporation.


In 2019, chapter alumni gathered to consider the Fraternity’s direction for the following decades and quickly recognized the need to define one future for Zeta Lambda and to ultimately build a new culture of perpetual giving by defining the following:

  1. The Zeta Lambda Foundation vision
  2. Missions that define roles in achieving the vision
  3. A set of strategies and related goals that will propel our Undergraduate Brothers, the Chapter House and the Kent Community to success over the following decades.
  4. Provide an avenue of  financial fund raising and accountability structure to track our progress and adapt as needed.


The Foundation has developed a Strategic Vision in three parts that we believe will achieve successful assistance to the chapter, the house and a secure future for Zeta Lambda.

#1 Establishing Endowment, Scholarships and Leadership

We’re interested in the long-term support and sustainability of Zeta Lambda through academic scholarships, Bell Chapter certification and support from and in conjunction with The Sigma Chi Foundation.

#2 Support for 238 E. Main Renovations

In conjunction with the chapter’s Housing Corporation, an Architectural Plan for the house has been fully developed in multiple phases. The Foundation plans to support Housing Corporation by paying off the mortgage and funding unplanned but necessary repairs as these types of needs arise. Renovations to the house are always underway, but major recent projects include the complete makeover of the kitchen, a full exterior upgrade, and a total upgrade to the upstairs bathroom.

#3 Community Service

Community service has always been an integral facet of Sigma Chi. Our chapter has always embraced serving the community and the Foundation will support their efforts by establishing relationships with the city of Kent and the University we all love. The Foundation will also provide funding for charitable efforts undertaken by the Chapter.

Showing our active brothers our support now will keep an engaged and meaningful alumni base moving forward.


Elected Officers
Tim Dimond
4-Year Term
Vic Giaconia
Vice President
3-Year Term
Michael Davis
2-Year Term
Bill VanderWyden
1-Year Term
Alumni Advisory Board


Carl Kropf
David Parrish
Rick “Moony” Warther


Doug Johnson
R. Michael Malinzak


Jeffrey T. Anderson


Chris McFadden




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Frequently Asked Questions

The Zeta Lambda Foundation was established to directly support the chapter and the brothers of Zeta Lambda. It is the intent of the Foundation to build an endowment for the sustainability of our chapter at Kent State University. The goal is to provide long-term financial support for the chapter in a variety of purposes ranging from Undergraduate Scholarships, community-based support for service projects and the long-term support of the Zeta Lambda Housing Corporation to keep the house updated and upgraded.

The Zeta Lambda Foundation is a 501 (c) 10 organization; therefore your donations are NOT tax deductible unless you specifically earmark it for scholarship purposes You can earmark your donation specifically for this purpose and your monies will be utilized for scholarship purposes. However, based upon recent tax-deductible rules, you may no longer be able to claim your contribution as tax-deductible based upon your total amount given.

The Zeta Lambda Foundation is for the direct support of the Zeta Lambda brothers, our chapter house and even the community of Kent. Think local. This Sigma Chi Foundation supports the International Fraternity as a whole. The monies you donate to the Zeta Lambda Foundation stay within our Chapter unless you earmark your donation to go to the Sigma Chi Foundation.

The Zeta Lambda Foundation is for the direct support of the Zeta Lambda brothers, our chapter house, and the community of Kent. The Foundation can provide monies to the Housing Corporation based upon need and renovations scheduled. The monies allocated to Housing Corporation will be voted on by the Foundation Board of Directors, with the best interest of the donors in mind.

There are a great many ways to give to the Zeta Lambda Foundation. The most popular methods one-time donations, monthly donations or even annual contributions. We appreciate gifts made directly to our General Fund. But if you would like to specify your gift to Scholarships, Housing Corporation, or tailor your gift to something else, we can work with you to make that happen. Learn more about these options on our Giving page.

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